♡♡♡♡Welcome to my site♡♡♡♡

Hi my name is chip and this site is mainly for the vent page but I'm in the middle of turning it into a site that i can just ramble about whatever and hopefully it'll make sense in the end.

This site was made on mobile so for the best experience thats what you should probably use. I dont have a computer or laptop to check to see what it looks like on desktop but sorry if it looks odd, im in the middle of trying to fix that.

A little about me is I'm currently dating my girlfriend of 1 year (4/18/23!!!!) and that my girlfriend is the one that gave me an idea to make a site for all my thoughts I dont know what to do with. I've never coded anything before and have no idea how sites work so it's also been a fun learning experience trying to figure out the basics.

♡ I love you baby ♡

i really need more friends so if you wanna talk my discord username is chipzzzzzzzzz_80388.

If you want to follow me